Job Opportunity: External Project Evaluator

Terms of Reference: 

External Project Evaluator, CYRILLA


March to April 2019


Grant Baker, CYRILLA Project Director (

SMEX is seeking a consultant to perform an external midterm evaluation for a two-year program. The consultant will have experience with monitoring and evaluation, and program assessment for digital rights and internet freedom-related projects, or, alternatively, projects related to technology and human rights with strong legislative/policy analysis, research, and advocacy campaigning components.

About the Project:

The CYRILLA Collaborative is a global initiative that seeks to map and analyze the evolution and impacts of legal frameworks in digital environments by aggregating, organizing, and visualizing distributed legal data through open research methodologies, data models, taxonomies, and databases. The Collaborative’s keystone initiative is, an open, federated online database that facilitates and accelerates the sharing, comparison, visualization, and interoperability of legal information on digital rights. 

The Collaborative is comprised of the Association for Progressive Communications, the Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology (CIPIT) at Strathmore Law School, Columbia University Global Freedom of Expression, Derechos Digitales, HURIDOCS, and SMEX. 

Evaluation Objectives:

The chief aim of the external midterm evaluation is to perform a comprehensive analysis of results and learning emerging from CYRILLA, relative to its stated objectives and activities, in order to assess overall impact, effectiveness of approach, and progress of the project towards desired outcomes during its first year. This should, in turn, yield a detailed set of findings and recommendations that will inform project design, operations, and priorities for its second year.


The midterm external evaluation will examine the extent to which CYRILLA has progressed with its objectives and activities, how activities have translated into the community-level outcomes that are central to its success and sustainability, and any operational challenges that have impacted this progress. This will include drawing on key sources of information: project reporting, monitoring evaluation framework and performance monitoring plan (PMP), internal documentation of activities and their outputs, and interviews with key stakeholders (both project partners and beneficiaries).

About SMEX:

Founded in 2008, SMEX is a registered Lebanese NGO that develops media and information literacy, expands knowledge of internet policy and governance, and advocates for human rights online throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) via research, training, and advocacy. Since August 2018, SMEX has served as the incubator for the CYRILLA Collaborative, a consortium-based initiative to expand and amplify responsive, evidence-based internet freedom legal and policy advocacy in the Global South, through coordinated approaches to systematizing digital rights law and case documentation. 

Application Materials:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Two references on previous consulting projects

Email materials to and with the subject line: “CYRILLA Evaluator Application” by March 24th, 2020. Salary commensurate with experience.

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