How to Find Digital Rights Laws on CYRILLA

CYRILLA is an open database of digital rights law from around the world. We document legislation, cases and analyses that concern various digital rights issues, and have tailored the database to support research and advocacy efforts. To compliment the launch of our new homepage, we’ve put together a video demonstrating the ways in which you can find the digital rights legal resources you’re looking for.

You can view the full video here:

CYRILLA’s versatile search functionality allows you to effectively gather the data you need. You can now easily enter what you’re looking for in the bar on our homepage:

Or, once you enter the database, you can search through our resources by type, country, or keyword, located on the right panel. These filters can also be combined for narrower searches.

At a glance, you can view a statute’s metadata, such as the date it was enacted or proposed. Legislation can be viewed in its original language, or translated version where available. You will also find cases that cited this particular statute in the side panel.

Our catalogue of digital rights cases is extensive, and you can also access handy case summaries, as well as links to related online content.

CYRILLA’s search tool also facilitates the comparison of precedent-setting cases in different jurisdictions. For example, here you can view cases from across the world which challenged the constitutional validity of national surveillance laws and practices.

These are some of the tools on CYRILLA that you can use to support your research and advocacy work. We aim to introduce additional features in the coming months. To keep up with the latest database features and digital rights legal developments, follow us on Twitter.

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